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Misbehaving Dog Walks , Image: photomim/AdobeStock.comMisbehaving Dog Walks   
Ways Humans Get It Wrong   

One of the primary activities we do with canine family members is to take walks because they love them and benefit from them. But just as some dogs, for a variety of reasons, are difficult to walk, some people are less...

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Saving Birds from Cats, Image: wegener17/AdobeStock.comSaving Birds from Cats  
Simple Strategies to Protect Feathered Friends  

When they’re roaming outdoors, domesticated cats turn into natural-born predators. According to the American Bird Conservancy, domestic felines are the number one human-caused threat to birds in the U.S., killing an estimated 2.4 billion birds every year. Cats have contributed to the extinction of 63 species of...

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Pest Control, Image: alexei_tm/AdobeStock.comPest Control  
Keeping Dogs Safe from Ticks and Fleas  

Fleas and ticks are different types of pests; so, when considering how best to protect a dog, it is important to make a distinction—fleas are an annoyance, but ticks can be life-threatening. Many veterinarians recommend...

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Beyond Kibble, Image: mat hayward/AdobeStock.comBeyond Kibble  
How to Shop for the Healthiest Pet Food  

People are always striving to improve the quality of life for their pets. For some, this means making homemade dog and cat food or buying meat directly from a local butcher, but not all pet parents have the necessary time, space or finances. While there are better...

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Fostering Love, Image: Alan/AdobeStock.comFostering Love  
Tips for First-Time Pet Foster Parents   

For people that love cats and dogs but can’t adopt one—or one more—a heartwarming solution is to foster pets without homes that need a place to temporarily lay their heads and be loved until...

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Toyland for Pooches, Image: Arno/AdobeStock.comToyland for Pooches  
Choosing Safe Playthings a Dog Will Love  

Most healthy dogs retain their love of play throughout their lives. Because canine family members can be loosely compared to perpetual human toddlers, it makes sense that they enjoy playtime no matter...

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Cannabis and Canines, Image: monicaclick/AdobeStock.comCannabis and Canines  
How Cannabidiol Benefits Dogs   

Struck with severe arthritis, Topper, a 7-year-old Ibizan Hound, was in such pain he could hardly walk. He had to be carried outside to eat or use the bathroom, and medication wasn’t working. On a friend’s recommendation, his...

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Horses as Healers, Image: sushytska/AdobeStock.comHorses as Healers  
Equine Therapy has Physical and Emotional Benefits  

Horses are being increasingly used to help people work through emotional and physical challenges, and for good reason: Numerous studies have shown that equine-assisted therapy helps with anger, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and dissociative or other...

Power Up Fido, Image: yakobchukolena/AdobeStock.comPower Up Fido  
Five Ways to Strengthen Your Dog’s Immune System  

A long, healthy life for our animal companions depends on them having resilient immune systems that can resist disease. While supporting a dog’s immunity during illness is vital, it’s also important to help it maintain natural defenses when well to help...

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Doggy Delights, Image: mcdobbie hu/Unsplash.comDoggy Delights  
Healthy, Homemade Cookie Treats  

One morning, Randy Roach awoke to a delicious aroma wafting from the kitchen of his Philadelphia home. Mouth watering, he peeked in the oven to find a dozen bone-shaped cookies—meant not for him, but for...

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