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Veggies for the Win, Image: Alexander Raths/AdobeStock.comVeggies for the Win  
Five Reasons to Choose a Plant-Based Lifestyle  

Many of us have come across the term “plant-based eating”. Perhaps the regimen was recommended to us by a medical or nutritional professional. We may have read about it in a magazine or seen a documentary on the subject. Scientists around the globe have...

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Thriving With Multiple Sclerosis, Image: Prazis Images/Stock.Adobe.comThriving With Multiple Sclerosis  
How to Reduce Inflammation and Promote Neuroregeneration  

For people with multiple sclerosis (MS), the concept of “thriving” is becoming increasingly attainable thanks to advances in lifestyle-related research. While MS is not yet curable, life choices that reduce inflammation and promote neuroregeneration can...

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Improving Heart Health, Image: Improving Heart Health  
Lifestyle Metrics That Can Help Prevent Heart Disease   

When it comes to preventing cardiovascular diseases, lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise are often mentioned. But a deeper dive into heart health shows other factors such as sleep, stress management and proper ...

Meditation for Longevity, Image: michaeljung/123rf.comMeditation for Longevity  

The International Journal of Neuroscience published a study showing the cells of people that meditate looked 12 years younger under a microscope than their actual age. The most extreme example was a highly experienced meditator with...

Assessing Heart Health in 2023, Image: Assessing Heart Health in 2023  
A Functional Medicine Approach   

Heart disease, also known as atherosclerosis, accounts for one in seven deaths in the United States and is the leading cause of...

Brain Power Boosters, Image: Tijana/AdobeStock.comBrain Power Boosters  
Tips to Preserve Memory at Any Age  

Although it is completely normal to feel like our memories are failing us as we get older, this is not the time to panic. Regardless of age, it is always possible to learn, store and recall information, and there are numerous...

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More than Skin Deep, Image: triocean/Shutterstock.comMore than Skin Deep  
Healing the Heartbreak of Psoriasis  

Psoriasis affects approximately 3 percent of the U.S. population. According to Dr. Mark Hyman, founder of the Institute of Functional Medicine, the condition involves terrible suffering from...

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Strategies for Better Quality of Life with Age, Image:   - Both women and men are asking what they can do to harness their physical and emotional well-being during the holidays and...

12+ Quick Fixes for Anxiety, Image: finde zukunft/Unsplash.com12+ Quick Fixes for Anxiety  
Simple Year-Round Strategies for Mental Well-Being  

t is an all-too-human experience to have anxiety—feeling fear or apprehension about what might happen. A survival mechanism for our species, it can easily get out of hand in times of uncertainty, morphing from...

Good Vibrations, Image: Magic Bowls/Unsplash.comGood Vibrations  
The Healing Power of Sound  

For centuries, humans have employed sound in an attempt to heal and cure. The ancient Greeks believed in the power of music, using flutes, lyres and zithers to treat illness and vibrations to alleviate mental disorders. Even today...

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