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Sacred Dance, Image: viktoriia protsak/AdobeStock.comSacred Dance  
Moving into Divine Energy  

Heart-healthy dancing of all types is known to promote overall physical and mental health. When they are spirit-infused, forms like African, Middle Eastern, ecstatic and yoga-inspired kundalini dance offer us...

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Walk About, Image: grigory bruev /AdobeStock.comWalk About  
Simple Steps to Well-Being  

People that wear a fitness watch get a little buzz on the wrist as a reminder to get more steps in each hour, but many ignore the simple opportunity that exists to exercise upright for free anytime and anywhere...

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Yoga to Heal Trauma, Image: merfin/AdobeStock.comYoga to Heal Trauma  
Soothing Poses Calm the Nervous System  

Getting on the yoga mat can be a powerful stress-buster that lowers blood pressure and excessive cortisol, but yoga can offer an added boon for those living with the lasting effects of traumatic events. Trauma-informed yoga (also called trauma-sensitive yoga) is a promising therapeutic branch of...

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Water Sports for a Total Body Workout, Image: Water Sports for a Total Body Workout  
Cool Ways to Stay Fit this Summer   

Whether it’s adrenaline-fueled kiteboarding or peaceful paddle boarding, getting active in the water helps to improve bone density, elevates mood and engages major muscle groups without stressing the joints. The highlight of a vacation might be rafting down a river, surfing at sunset or waterskiing on a mountain lake. Whether done regularly or occasionally, water sports offer...

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The Fit Gardener, Image: visivasncAdobeStock.comThe Fit Gardener  
Backyard Workouts Good for Mind and Body  

Both gardeners and researchers know that tilling the soil can lower stress and uplift the mood, and gardening can also foster fitness, burn calories and support heart health. By offering an opportunity for moderate intensity exercise, it provides a challenging workout with aerobic benefits. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...

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Stay Fit with Bodywork Therapy, Image: minervastudio/AdobeStock.comStay Fit with Bodywork Therapy  
Enhance Workout Performance and Recovery with Massage  

Therapeutic massage and other bodywork modalities are well-known stress-busters, but they can also hasten recovery after a workout or injury. A little restorative TLC with a bodywork practitioner before or after exercise can combat post-workout...

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Eco-Athletes, Image: djileAdobeStock.comEco-Athletes  
Working Out with the Planet in Mind  

From human-powered gyms that generate electricity to Earth-friendly activewear, professional and recreational athletes alike are increasingly working out with the planet in mind. Taking a recycled yoga mat to class, nixing the plastic water bottle and going “plogging”—picking up litter while out for a run—are just a few examples of eco-fitness in...

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On a Roll, Image: justlife/AdobeStock.comOn a Roll  
Foam Rollers Ease Pain and Workout Recovery  

Foam rolling—rolling parts of the body on top of a lightweight foam cylinder—targets trigger points or painful knots in muscles and is a valuable tool for reducing chronic pain and enhancing workout recovery. From sciatica to pelvic floor dysfunction, there is...

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Halting Hypertension, Image: Halting Hypertension  
Exercises to Lower High Blood Pressure  

An estimated 75 million American adults have blood pressure high enough to require management, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For people with hypertension, tempering stress responses and limiting consumption of sodium, caffeine, alcohol and sugar can make a difference. Fortifying these lifestyle changes with aerobic exercise, yoga and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can also help prevent and manage worrisome blood pressure readings....

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Staying Fit in 2021, Image: Storybooks.comStaying Fit in 2021  
Workout Trends Bend to the Times  

For 2021, fitness will be more about better health and inner peace rather than weight loss. Gyms and studios will be on the top of their game adhering to hygiene standards and offering safer environments with smaller class capacity and vitamin D-enhanced...

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