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The Exercise Power of E-Bikes, Image: photo courtesy of Gail ColemanThe Exercise Power of E-Bikes  
Get a Workout on an Easier Ride   

The familiar adage, “No pain, no gain,” doesn’t really apply to e-bikes. Although a pedal-assist electric bicycle is zippier and easier to ride than a conventional model, researchers are finding that as long as we’re pedaling, we’re still getting our heart pumping, building stamina and experiencing some of that cardio magic...

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Staying Hydrated, Image: castecodesign/AdobeStock.comStaying Hydrated  
It’s not Just About Drinking Water   

Maintaining proper hydration is one of the most important measures we can take to benefit our health. “The human body is made up of 55 to 75 percent water, and proper fluid levels are essential for many important body functions, including nutrient and oxygen...

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Spirited Strides, Image: maridav/AdobeStock.comSpirited Strides  
Power Walk to Better Fitness  

We all know that the more steps we take in a day the better. The Mayo Clinic advocates walking regularly to keep bad cholesterol in check, maintain a heart-healthy weight and keep blood pressure within a normal range. Power walking—going a mile in...

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A Weekend Warrior Survival Guide, Image: monkey business/AdobeStock.comA Weekend Warrior Survival Guide  
Prevention, First-Aid and Recovery  

At first glance, it seems harmless to sit at a desk all week and then dive into gardening, hiking, shooting some hoops or playing softball with the kids. We think nothing of it until that pulled hamstring, stiff shoulder or painful knee makes...

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Power Up Your Workouts, Image: expressiovisual/AdobeStock.comPower Up Your Workouts  
A Guide to Protein Powders and Shakes  

Protein, from the Greek proteios, means “primary,” which sums up its vital role in the human body. Its structure of amino acids enables myriad bodily functions, from repairing and building tissues to creating...

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Whole-Person Fitness, Image: images/articles/2022/01/Article-IN-WordPower-202201Whole-Person Fitness  
Current Trends in Wellness Tools  

Insiders agree that the idea of fitness is changing, and this means an exciting wave of trackers and apps that go beyond achieving the ultimate six-pack abs. “So many of us want a nice exterior, but now more than ever, we realize how important it is that the interior match that exterior,” says Dominic Kennedy, a Los Angeles trainer and founder...

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Holiday Zen, Image: foto helin/AdobeStock.comHoliday Zen  
Stress-Free Fitness and Self-care  

Despite our best efforts, holiday time can frazzle our nerves and snag us in an unhealthy loop of overindulgence. To combat holiday pressure, the Mayo Clinic suggests maintaining a regular exercise program and investing in me-time activities like meditation and...

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Sacred Dance, Image: viktoriia protsak/AdobeStock.comSacred Dance  
Moving into Divine Energy  

Heart-healthy dancing of all types is known to promote overall physical and mental health. When they are spirit-infused, forms like African, Middle Eastern, ecstatic and yoga-inspired kundalini dance offer us...

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Walk About, Image: grigory bruev /AdobeStock.comWalk About  
Simple Steps to Well-Being  

People that wear a fitness watch get a little buzz on the wrist as a reminder to get more steps in each hour, but many ignore the simple opportunity that exists to exercise upright for free anytime and anywhere...

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Yoga to Heal Trauma, Image: merfin/AdobeStock.comYoga to Heal Trauma  
Soothing Poses Calm the Nervous System  

Getting on the yoga mat can be a powerful stress-buster that lowers blood pressure and excessive cortisol, but yoga can offer an added boon for those living with the lasting effects of traumatic events. Trauma-informed yoga (also called trauma-sensitive yoga) is a promising therapeutic branch of...

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