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Planet-Friendly Pours, Image: tатьяна kреминская/AdobeStock.comPlanet-Friendly Pours  
The Rise of Sustainable Wine and Spirits  

Iconic food and beverage magazines such as Bon Appetit and Food & Wine affirm that sustainable and socially responsible wines and spirits are becoming a major force in the market, yet consumers wanting to pour an Earth-conscious tipple need a sobering amount of research to sort through what’s truly...

Intermittent Fasting Basics, Image: tатьяна kреминская/AdobeStock.comIntermittent Fasting Basics  
How to Improve Health by Eating Less Often   

Fasting has been part of religious and cultural practices since ancient times, but now it is entering into everyday American eating habits. Intermittent fasting (IF), which involves restraining from eating for periods ranging from hours to days, was the most popular dietary strategy among Americans in 2020, outpacing low-fat...

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Eating for the Planet, Image: vector mine/AdobeStock.comEating for the Planet  
Diet for sustainability  

What we choose to put on our plates influences not only our physical health, but also the health of the environment. While much of the climate conversation focuses on the burning of fossil fuels, commercial food production—particularly livestock—uses large amounts of land, water and energy. Wasted food contributes...

Plant-Based Foods Go Mainstream, Image: vladimir/AdobeStock.comPlant-Based Foods Go Mainstream  
Healthy Eating Gets Easier with Innovations  

Plant-based eating has seen an explosion in the past few years as consumers become increasingly aware of how their food choices impact their health and the environment and align with their ethics. According to market research firm SPINS, plant-based eating is now...

Easing into a Vegan Lifestyle, Image: istetiana/AdobeStock.comEasing into a Vegan Lifestyle  
Clever Meat Substitutes that Please the Palate   

Today’s wide availability of vegan meat substitutes in the grocer’s freezer helps break the ice for people that want to experiment with plant-based foods. The taste, convenience and quality of these products has improved greatly over the past decade, but like many convenience foods, some packaged faux meat products can be high in...

Fermenting for Foodies, Image: pixelshot/AdobeStock.comFermenting for Foodies  
Preserving Food and Traditions  

If fermented food is a trend, it’s the oldest one on the planet. More and more people are rediscovering the time-honored foodways of fermentation to promote health, boost flavor and preserve the...

A Better Morning Jolt, Image: freedom lifeAdobeStock.comA Better Morning Jolt  
Healthy Coffee Alternatives and Hacks  

Most Americans enjoy a daily dose of coffee, and an increasing body of research indicates it’s not a bad habit to have. Meanwhile, a growing number of people are adapting their morning drink rituals to incorporate ingredients ranging from matcha to mushrooms in search of...

The Sweet Danger of Sugar, Image: azurita/AdobeStock.comThe Sweet Danger of Sugar  
ways to enjoy healthier holiday fare  

Chocolate Santas, decorated cookies and other sweet confections are ingrained in our holiday traditions, yet sugary food does little to actually make us feel merry and bright in the long run. A high-sugar diet increases the risk of high blood pressure and...

Eat Well to Feel Well, Image: jchizhe/AdobeStock.comEat Well to Feel Well  
Thanksgiving Fare that Boosts Mental Health  

Across America, people of all ages are struggling with mental health issues. Nearly one in five people is living with a mental health condition, and the number of people seeking help for anxiety and depression is skyrocketing, reports Mental Health America. According to the organization’s 2021 State of Mental Health in America Report...

Feel-Good Recipes, Image: photo by Christy RatliffFeel-Good Recipes  
Thanksgiving Dishes that Boost Mental Health  

Start this Thanksgiving by serving up healthier, nutrient-rich options to alleviate anxiety and depression, stabilize mood and promote mental health and wellness....

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