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Soothing Scents, Image: spline_x/AdobeStock.comSoothing Scents  
Top Eight Essential Oils for Anxiety Relief  

Essential oils are highly concentrated compounds extracted from aromatic plants that are used in aromatherapy for a variety of conditions. These fragrant oils have been incorporated into wellness practices for thousands of years, and decades of research confirm...

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Sustainable Shellfish, Image:  jabiru/AdobeStock.co,Sustainable Shellfish  
Superfood of the Sea  

The perfect food may not be underfoot, but rather, underwater. It’s delicious, fast-growing, nutritionally dense, sustainably produced, locally available from coast to coast and comes in nature’s own sturdy...

Cool Treats for Hot Days, Image: galitskaya/AdobeStock.comCool Treats for Hot Days  
DIY Recipes Even Kids Can Make  

Many of us have fond childhood memories of cool confections from the neighborhood ice cream truck on sultry summer days. By creating homemade, hot-weather treats with our kids, we get to...

Take a Silent Hike, Image: Brocreative/AdobeStock.comTake a Silent Hike  
Tips for Walking Mindfully in Nature   

Silent hikes offer an opportunity to be immersed in nature and quiet the internal chatter that too often consumes our daily routine. Wesley Trimble, communications and creative director of the American Hiking Society, has observed a...

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Change Your Words, Image: Madhuri Mohite/Pexels.comChange Your Words  
Change Your Life  

The words we speak are never neutral, because language doesn’t simply describe reality. It creates it. With every word we utter, we’re either speaking into existence a reality we desire or actively creating a...

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Mark Mincolla on, Image: al;sfdjlweufkjasldkuMark Mincolla on  
the Healing Power of Our Superconsciousness  

For 40 years, nutritional therapist and quantum energy healer Mark Mincolla, Ph.D., has integrated ancient Chinese energy healing techniques with emerging nutritional science in what he calls Electromagnetic Muscle Testing, an approach that...

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Mindful Kudos , Image: polkadot/AdobeStock.comMindful Kudos   
Best Ways to Praise Kids and Boost SELF-confidence   

Giving ample kudos to our kids is an everyday part of parenting. To motivate youngsters to excel in school and activities, we pat them on the back repeatedly in ways that were unimaginable a century ago, when even kissing babies was frowned upon by...

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Preventing Dog Dementia, Image: FS-Stock/AdobeStock.comPreventing Dog Dementia  
Five Strategies to Preserve Cognitive Health  

Among the many traits that dogs and humans share is the potential with aging for progressive cognitive decline, which canines can experience as early as 7 years of age. Clinical signs of cognitive decline appear in...

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The Greening of Packaging, Image: Iryna/AdobeStock.comThe Greening of Packaging  
Cleaning and Personal Care Products Go Eco  

Health-conscious consumers have been purchasing home cleaning and personal care products with nontoxic ingredients for years. Now they’re demanding these products come in environmentally friendly packaging that...

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Planet-Friendly Picnicking, Image: exclusive-design/AdobeStock.comPlanet-Friendly Picnicking  
Strategies for a Plastic-Free Outing  

Summer is the ideal time to break bread with loved ones, toss a Frisbee and celebrate the great outdoors, but too many of us believe that picnics require single-use plastics. In the name of convenience and easy cleanup, we...

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