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Ozone Therapy for Dental and Oral Infections

Rochester Hills Periodontist Introduces Noninvasive Modality to Practice

Natural Awakenings News: Rochester Hills Periodontist Introduces Noninvasive Modality to Practice
Eric K. Taylor, DDS

Eric K. Taylor, DDS, has begun utilizing ozone and ozone water in his surgical suite to benefit patients. Ozone’s applications include irrigating sockets after extractions, infected sites, deep periodontal pocketing, gingival lesions and abscesses, and the substance stimulates healing by targeting bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

“It is used as a nontoxic wound-healing modality that we use in our procedures. Ozone creates vasodilation thereby increasing oxygenation to the tissues,” Taylor says. “Ozone therapy offers great advantages when used as support of conventional treatments and is indicated for a wide range of dental specialties such as dental caries and periodontal modalities. We can use it as a pre-rinse to irrigate periodontal pockets prior to procedures and use it in our reservoir for scaling.”

There are few if any limitations for ozone therapy. Taylor explains, “Its unique properties include immunostimulant, analgesic, detox, antimicrobial, bioenergetic and biosynthetic actions. It is of an atraumatic, painless, noninvasive nature, with a relative absence of discomfort, making it an ideal treatment choice for everyone. We offer several modalities to enhance healing.”

Taylor is a board-certified periodontist and implant surgeon with more than 30 years’ experience and with advanced training who specializes in placing dental implants that help restore teeth to proper functioning condition.

Eric K. Taylor, DDS, is located at 455 S. Livernois, Rochester Hills. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Eric K. Taylor, DDS, at 248-652-7300, visit his website: EricTaylorDDS.com or view his Natural Directory listing at: https://www.mhlas.com/natural-directory/eric-taylor-dds


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