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Lisa Ponichter: Physical Therapist and Movement Specialist. For the JOY of what YOU LOVE!

Specializing in the Feldenkrais Method® optimizes posture, strength, flexibility and balance. Minimize pain, increase efficiency and fluidity while exploring gentle, transformative movement patterns which bring out your best.

Your moves are most important to us.  Whether you are expressing yours through your dance, preformance, art, golf swing, or if you just want to play easier with your grandchild.  Experience how awakened movements transform and uplift your level of joy, pleasure, comfort, precison and sense of wholeness.  

There is a huge difference between feeling good in your body and feeling awesome. Whether you are in pain or not, you can feel better than you do now! Things can get easier when you really know what you are doing with yourself. Moving around can be an amazing pleasure! You can unlearn stubborn pain, improve your game (no matter what it is), and feel even better doing  your favorite activities. With Awakening Movements your awareness will increase to the point that you may even LOVE what you LOVE even MORE! 

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3121 East 12 Mile Road, Suite 104, Royal Oak, Michigan 48067

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