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Dedicated to Providing Our Customers with a Safe and Organic Alternative to Synthetic Chemical Fertilizers


Have you seen the warning signs in your community yet? CAUTION SIGNS, BEACH CLOSED, COMMERCIALS STATING ROUND UP CAUSES CANCER!!! The use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, fungicides & algaecides are changing our way of life! Don't be reactive, be proactive and STOP using synthetic chemical fertilizers, they're killing more than just weeds & insects.

Try switching to a safe organic alternative to care for your green space. Get off the poison chemicals that leave a caution sign behind and switch to a natural plant based, chemical free lawn program. Try a WELCOME SIGN this year & enjoy your yard knowing it won't harm the environment, you, your children/pets. You will also be contributing to the healing of our environment instead of continuing to pollute it.

A1 Organics llc.com representing Mesa Verde Humates our source for humates
and plant based trace minerals, for: Plants, Animals & Humans


Humates contain plant minerals which are digested or have been pre-assimilated by the minerals. The ‘quick response’ of this product is the direct result of the fact that a plant mineral was predigested which eliminates the time required for total dissolution.

Many people in nutritional and agronomy fields predict humates will eventually change the farming and eating habits of the world.

Slowly but surely, humates are being recognized as an excellent soil builder to replace minerals in mineral deficient soils.


A-1 ORGANIC LAWNS LLC is dedicated to providing our customers with knowledge and alternative products to synthetic chemical fertilizers .We believe in protecting & preserving our environment with natural lawn fertilizers that use the power of nature to
beautify your property. We only offer our customers products that are environmentally safe, and free of potentially harmful synthetic chemicals found in most commercial fertilizers. We believe that by providing poison free organic products and the knowledge to use them. We can help you protect the most important people in your life. Your family, because there is nothing more important than you, your family, and the environment that surrounds you.


Oakland County

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