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Lions Quarterback Eric Hipple Recommends Local Brain Wellness Company Ceresest

by Heidi Devereux

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 Eric Hipple

Fall is coming and that means football season is here. If you were a Detroit Lions fan in the 80’s, you’ll remember Quarterback, Eric Hipple. He played his entire 10-season NFL career for the Lions. Today, he spends his time sharing his life story and experiences, however, he’s talking less about football and more about mental health and suicide prevention.

In 2000, Hipple’s 15-year-old son, Jeff, died by suicide. After his death, Eric started abusing drugs and alcohol, and was convicted of drunk driving. He has suffered with bouts of depression throughout his life, and in his book, Real Men Do Cry, he discusses how he once wrote the words, “I can’t do this anymore,” on a napkin, tossed it in his wife’s lap who was driving, and opened the passenger door while the car was going 70 miles an hour and rolled out. Fortunately, he survived and decided to turn his anguish into doing something positive, which is devoting his life to building awareness and breaking down the stigma around depression. While he offers assistance to others, he continues to work on his own mental health.

Recently he was at a mental health fundraiser where he met Carrie Weidenbach, owner of Cereset® Clarkston. Carrie explained how Cereset® works by using sensors placed on the scalp to translate the brain’s patterns to a computer. The computer identifies where imbalances exist, and quickly sends a sound, reflecting the brain’s dominant frequency. As the brain hears those sounds, it immediately recognizes it is hearing its own echoes. Most often, when the brain hears its own echo repeated, it self-balances. Hipple stopped by Carrie’s office in Clarkston a couple of weeks later to learn more.

Real Men Do CryOver the course of his football career, Eric suffered 40 concussions. “It does have a lasting impact on you,” Hipple said. “As I got older, I noticed issues with my memory, sleep issues, pain, lethargy, and it was hard to be present. A lot of those are the effects of concussions, but also depression.”

He completed five Cereset® sessions and reported that he felt great!

“I felt completely changed in a way that I didn’t feel stuck. I felt more present, my sleep got a little better and I felt much calmer,” said Hipple. “My kids noticed a change and said, 'Dad, you seem so calm!’ Of all the systems I’ve gone through and tried, this one hits the mark because it actually listens to your brain communicate with itself.”

Like Hipple, many football players and other athletes are at risk of concussions. In a 2016 study of young athletes with Persisting Post-concussion Symptoms (PPCS), those who completed Cereset® sessions showed significant reductions in clinical symptoms. Cereset is a safe, non-invasive and holistic approach to many mental health issues.

“I’ve tried almost everything. I’m very well versed in mental health. This is what I loved most about Cereset®," added Hipple. "It lets the brain do the healing.”

If you are suffering from PPCS, sleep issues, stress or anxiety, call Clarkston Cereset® to schedule a $99 Brain Assessment and talk to a Cereset® Tech Coach about how you can improve your mental health and overall wellness.

For more information on Cereset® Clarkston, call 877-737-3881, visit their website at: Cereset.com/centers/cereset-clarkston or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Heidi Devereux, BAA, is a Health Educator, Certified Stress Management Instructor.


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