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Free Hypnotherapy Sessions with Donation

Local Non-Profit and Nutritional Coach Offers Holiday Promotion


Through 501(c)(3) nonprofit The Chronic Illness Foundation and Detox Day Spa Nutritional Coaching, take advantage of a holiday promotion to help elevate consciousness to identify and begin to remove trapped emotions causing physical body pain or dysfunction.

“With any donation of $150 or more to my foundation, you’ll receive for free my three core therapeutic hypnosis sessions—parts therapy, inner child and soul retrieval. We have four different selves—the physical/3D, the emotional self, the intellectual self and spiritual self,” says Anthony Martinez Beven, executive director and founder of both The Chronic Illness Foundation and Detox Day Spa Nutritional Coaching. “Emotional distress and trauma from childhood must be identified and released. Our soul has ancestral knowledge we need to access to help us in our current journey. Together, these sessions are a $1,000 value. All donations are tax deductible.”

According to the Foundation’s website, its mission is “to improve patient outcomes and educate the medical community and general public on the MTHFR/methylation genetic mutations and provide free diagnostics to low-income families, particularly Hispanics who are most impacted by these genetic mutations.”

Donate by clicking the Donate button at Detox Day Spa is located in Troy. For more information, visit
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