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Energy Medicine Research Project

Participants of Various Backgrounds Needed

Natural Awakenings News: Participants of Various Backgrounds Needed

The Energy Medicine Research Institute has selected seven energy medicine research projects for design, development, publication and presentation for 2023. People are cordially invited to participate in one or more of these energy medicine research projects. Participants in several categories of human experience are needed, including (1) women with children; (2) individuals, couples and families with animal companions; (3) families with a member who has dementia/Alzheimer’s disease; (4) families who have a veteran living with them; (5) families of Native acculturation; (6) women who are in recovery from alcohol addiction/alcohol use disorder; and (7) youth, 16-19 years of age, who are caregivers of their families.

Some of the energy medicine research projects involve weekly participation in a group setting for 6-8 weeks with before and after assessments for research purposes. These group sessions will likely be held via Zoom, via conference call or in person with data collection via recording and telephone interviews. However, most of the energy research medicine projects will be done via questionnaires, conference calls and emails. All participation is confidential.

Selected researchers include Brigette Patton, Ellen Byrne, Scot Kiogma, Joslin Morgan and Gregory Vasquez. The Energy Medicine Research faculty this year includes Alixandra Summitt, Ph.D.; Rhonda Sousley, Ph.D.; Gary Contesti, MSW, SD; Margaret Dwyer, Ph.D., David Zimmerman; and Harsha Jayatilake, M.D.

Energy Medicine Research Institute, Inc. is located at 29300-101 Woodward Ave., Royal Oak. For more information or to become an energy medicine research participant, please call Margaret Dwyer at 248-677-3272 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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