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Ayurvedic Cosmetics on the Rise

Increased Demand, Availability and Awareness of Toxins

Ayurvedic Cosmetics on the Rise - Anna Ok/
Anna Ok/

In Sanskrit, Ayurveda translates to “the science of everyday living,” and it is one of the world’s oldest systems of medicine. Offering a holistic path for cultivating health and well-being, Ayurveda promotes balance and harmony with the use of natural herbs, plant-based medicines and spices.

According to a recent comprehensive research report by Market Research Future (MRFR), the worldwide Ayurvedic products market size is expected to grow from $12.6 billion in 2023 to $31.8 billion by 2032. MRFR analysts ascribe this impressive growth to increased availability and public awareness of such goods, as well as a deepening distaste for the adverse side effects of conventional medicines and products.

Demand for Ayurvedic cosmetic products is also on the rise, according to the same MRFR report. Supporting the idea that outer beauty reflects what is going on inside the body, beauty brands like Kama Ayurveda, RANAVAT and Forest Essentials are expanding into the global sector. Their increasing popularity follows broader trends toward organic and natural medicines and “clean beauty”, as well as increasing awareness about toxic ingredients in some Western products.

Ayurvedic components have been used recently to balance Western formulas. For instance, in skincare, sandalwood is added as an antioxidant, and turmeric is combined with topical retinoid medications to reduce irritation.

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